Saturday, December 3, 2011

Um . . . am I back?


Gotta admit, I never really expected to be back here. In fact it's been so long, I couldn't even remember the email address for this blog, much less the password.

But something strange happened.

Comments kept coming in, for which I'm very grateful and even touched. I started this blog originally as a way to help sort out points in my own head as I was revising my novel. As such, it was really more of a log or diary for myself, than an attempt to reach an audience. I was really trying to teach myself, not others. I'm thrilled that so many people have found my meandering missives to be of some value. So, thank you.

Because of your continued interest, I thought I'd give you some updates.

1) Since I started this blog, the publishing industry has been turned upside down, both for the good and the bad. With the introduction of e-readers, print publishers have ducked their head deep into the sand, terrified to sign new writers unless they are reasonably guaranteed a blockbuster. Big name. Big topic. Whatever. The days of the small novelist getting signed are gone. At least for a while, until the industry sorts itself out.

The flip side of this, is that its never been easier to self-publish, and with e-readers, you're guaranteed instantaneous distribution around the world.

This same series of events has happened to the music industry, where the major labels are losing money every day, but small bands can get their music released easier now than ever before.

The problem is getting attention to your book. But let's be honest, big publishers didn't really spend much effort in publicisizing new authors anyway. As I found out when our health book was published, we still had to hire a publicist and hit the pavement on our own.

2) As a corollary to #1, the novel never got published. I had an agent pick it up and start shopping, then drop out of contact. This was a "major" publisher at an established New York Agency. A name I'd heard for years. Turns out the younger agent at this house quit the business. The novel got pushed over from one agent to another but the enthusiasm was lost. Eventually, it just languished a painful, lonely existence.

3) As another corollary to #3, I'm going to self-publish the novel. I've been researching my options and I'd like to e-publish, but also with about 500 physical copies that I can sell at my office.

4) In the meantime, I've been very busy. The music writing site, The Ripple Effect, has really taken off, and now has 14 writers and millions of readers. One thing led to another, and my Ripple partner and I started a record label, Ripple Music, to release hard-driving, authentic 70's-infused rock music. It's been an amazing journey and a real kick in the tush.

Now a question for you:

I don't know if there are any readers out there who pop over here from time to time, but if there are, would you like me to write about my experiences with self-publishing?

I figure the self-publishing journey will be just as full of ups and downs and rights and wrongs and successes and mistakes as the original journey was. I'm happy to share these as I go through them, if you'd like me to.

Just let me know.

In the meantime . . . peace.