Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How're You Doing with Your Writing?

Busy, busy, busy.

Got lots of things popping around in the hopper right now.

The trick, I've found, is to stay obsessively organized when multiple projects are working.

My novel is currently being read by an agent in New York. Please cross your fingers for me, and I'll do the same for you when yours is ready.

I've done a lot of work on query letters, short synopsis, and full synopsis. We'll talk more about that stuff in later posts.

In the meantime, I've been outlining and researching the next novel. Love that part. More posts to come.

So, while I'm waiting to get to all that, how're you doing with your writing? I'd love it if everyone who pops on over to this blog, dropped a little comment on where you are in your writing, what's working and what's holding you up. We're all in this together!


Kate said...

WELL I'm a lurker not a commenter but I'll answer this one :) I'm working on a new project, and I'm starting to really like where it's going (I was unsure about it at first...) I've finally figured out how much I can manage to write in a typical day, which is great.

Biggest hang and life keep getting in the way. My living situation is really cramped, and there are constantly people in my space. But I've learned I work well in coffee shops - so that's a good thing!

Fingers are crossed for you!! Love your blog!

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

I'm having trouble with the organizing thing. I'm working on my second novel while trying to promote the first. Now I don't spend as much time as I'd Like on the writing part.

Good luck with the New York agent!

Jane Kennedy Sutton

Elizabeth Smith said...

This is my first novel. I have read so many books, blogs, and websites on how to get organized before writing a novel, I'm having a little trouble getting out of the organizational phase. I'm still wet behind the ears, just having realized I like writing about three years ago. It's so frustrating trying to figure out my writing disciple and style!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Ian said...

Thanks for asking! I've just posted Chapter Eight of my novel, an offbeat thriller, set in Mongolia, on my blog.

I got the original manuscript accepted by a literary agent in Edinburgh a few years back, got a bit of interest from Hodder Headline and Hamish Hamilton, then nothing.

I dug it out again a week ago, saw what was wrong with it and now I'm completely rewriting it. It's leaner, faster paced and much better now, I hope! If you have time, take a look. I'd appreciate your opinion.

Anonymous said...

Well I have always been a curious person and very observant, I have learned many things in my life and a few months back decided to put it all into writing, a bigger task than originally anticipated, what hold me back is that English is my 2nd language, I have been living it for the past 15 years but still it is not my natural language. Some would say sure then write in your natural language well that is not as simple because I have also been away from my natural language for 15 years, so not matter which way I choose I will have disadvantages.
I just found your site great site and my fingers are crossed for you.


Ian said...

1 in 100 of maunuscripts submitted get accepted by a literary agent; 1 in 200 get published. When you get accepted by an agent, you feel so close, you can almost see your book in the winow of your favourite book store.

Angel said...

It makes me smile that we all have the same insecurites whatever stage we are at with our writing careers.

Fingers cross for you...and hope the hopper keep popping for you.

warm wishes

Tara said...

I'm working on a new revision of my novel with a great friend at my side. It always helps to have personal deadlines, but this time I've asked her to set the date when she wants to receive two more chapters. Her feedback is so valuable at this stage. This is a great blog! Thanks.