Friday, October 2, 2009

Yes, go ahead and yell at me!

Ok, ok, I know, once again I've been MIA for a while. I apologize.

Believe me, I'm not giving up on the writing affair, and I'm actually really touched (and flattered) when I logged in today and saw how many followers there are of this blog. It made me feel really guilty that I've been so poor in updating recently.

My novel is currently making the rounds in New York, handled by my agent at the Bob DiForio Literary Agency. I've heard rumors of nibbles, maybe even a few deep sniffs, but so far no one has devoured the complete dish. Please keep your fingers crossed.

This blog will explode in activity once a publisher takes a bite, because I plan on updating you with every issue, stumbling block, hurdle I have to jump through towards publication in an effort to try and help you avoid those same problems.

Also, this blog will explode in activity once I get started on my next novel, another medical thriller, that I'm currently researching. My outlining process is a little unique and really fun for me, so I can't wait to share it with you.

So why the dearth of posting of late? Because I'm slightly schizophrenic in my activities. Some of you may know that I also run a music site, The Ripple Effect, with my partner, the Pope. Well, one thing has lead to another and another, so now, in addition to our radio show on Blogtalkradio, we've just started our own record company, Ripple Music. We're currently working with 4 bands to get some really nice colored vinyl releases ready and out to the world. With that, we also formed a music publishing company, Ripple Songs.

So between it all, I haven't yet found the time to write.

But things are moving along well. Once the company is up and running, all the legal done, I'll have some free time and get back to writing and updating.

Thanks again, so much, for your support. I'm really flattered and appreciative.

I promise, regular updates will start again soon.

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Bluestocking Mum said...

I've been wondering where yoou were.

Fingers crossed for your novel.
Let us know when you have a bite!